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One of the leading tyre dealer shop in Noida and near Noida extension, So if you are looking authorised Apollo tyre dealers then near you in Noida then call us or visit ou workshop, we will give you best car care services. Right now, we have 2 work shops in Noida. We have all kind of branded tyres available with us but most of the demanding tyre Apollo, we can give you on best prices because we are the authourised dealer of Apollo tyre.

Apollo Tyres Limited is targeted to be an Indian multinational tyre manufacturing firm, which has headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana. It started its journey in 1972 and the first plant was commissioned right in Perambra in Kerala. Currently, the company is known to have5 different manufacturing units across India, along with one in Hungary and another one in the Netherlands.

It has a complete network of around 5000 dealerships, working all across India. Around that number, about 2500 of them are exclusive outlets. The company is known to be generating around 69% of the revenue only from India, with 26% coming from Europe and the other countries contributing around 5%.

Later, Apollo came into the entry of the two-wheeler tyre section with its contract manufacturing in the year 2016, March. As of February 2021, the shares of Apollo Tyres Limited rose to a bit over trading at 253.10 rupees.

Why Choose Apollo Tyres?

Even though the tyre market is pretty huge, there is a reason why Apollo tyres are cutting the market. With Apollo Tyre Showroom in Noida popping up here and there, you know people love the products. You just need to know the reasons and here's why

Build durable with high-end quality raw materials:

The tubeless car tyres from the house of Apollo have been tested out under multiple circumstances for overall life span and puncture resistance and they have proven to be the best.

Lower road noise and cabin comfort:

Another reason for the growing demand for Apollo Tyre Shop in Noida is that the Alnac series of the car tyre is made using a softer yet sturdier rubber compound. The softer exterior will allow the tyres to absorb maximum bumps on road, which will help in suspension to increase ride comfort.

Great brake and acceleration help:

You have Apollo tyres, which are known for their promising traction. The softer rubber will help you to get a good grip on the road, which will aid the vehicle in converting the maximum amount of torque into movement. With these tyres by your side, you get to accelerate quicker on highway and city roads.

If you are driving mid-sized sedans or premium hatchbacks, you can use these tyres by complementing the turbo-powered engines of these vehicles with great braking efficiency.

Apollo tyres suited for your Car

Apollo Tyres are known to produce a wider range of cars, bikes and truck tyres. There are around 12 different bike tyre models available, with 23 different car tyres and around 28 different truck tyres.

The makers will offer you 21 different sizes of bike tyres with 265 of them for the cars. There are 90 different sizes when it comes to truck tyres.

Choose for Apollo Tyre

In case you are on the venture to choose anAuthorized Apollo Dealer, Will be your targeted choice, covering the whole of Noida. No matter whichever model you are looking for, have all the tyres waiting for you to grab. They have a vast range of luxury tyres to fit some of the high-end car brands.

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