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JK Tyre & Industries Ltd is the flagship company of the JK Organisation. It is one of the foremost tyre manufacturers all across India and is noted as one within the top 25 in the world. For the past 4 decades, JK Tyre has been the main example in driving innovation and excellence within the tyre industry. Thanks to its groundbreaking technology and products, the company is able to match up with diverse business segments covering the automobile industry.

JK Tyre is the pioneer of radial technology and produced its first ever radial tyre in 1977 and is mainly the noted leader in the truck bus radial segment. In 209, the firm reached a remarkable feat by entering the Limca Book of Records with the largest off-the-road tyre in the country with VEM 045. The firm is all set to offer end solutions across multiple segments of commercial vehicles, passenger vehicles, farming, two and three-wheelers and more.

Why Choose JK Tyre?

Recent studies have shown that customers have ranked JK Tyre as the highest in overall customer satisfaction, with a major score of 881 points on 1000 MRF came second with a score of 876 and Bridgestone at 875. So, depending on the statistical records, it can be clearly stated that the JK tyre is one of the leading choices among the masses. Let’s learn why.

So, these points prove why more people are moving towards JK tyres these days. If you are one for them, try looking for the one that fits your car model most accurately.

JK tyres suited for your Car

When it comes to the rates of JK Tyres, you are likely to spend a reasonable amount for the same. The most expensive one among the lot will be Elanzo NXT and some of the most popular ones are UX ROYALE RS 3275, Taximax RS 2350, Vectra RS 2910 and more. There are around 21 sizes available for various cars. Let’s find out more.


Great for city use and highway drive, JK UX ROYALE is known for some magnificent features like handling, better braking, dry grip, noted wet grip and lower noise. These are tubeless tyres, which are currently available in 14, 15, 16 and 17 inches. There are 12 different sizes available with various widths and sidewalls. The models where you can see the use of these tyres are Honda Jazz, Maruti Swift, Maruti Swift Dzire, Hyundai Elite i20, Hyundai Creta and more.

JK Taximax:

If you have a limited amount to spend on car tyres, then JK Taximax will offer you some value-added services. Perfect for ideal use, JK Taximax is a tubeless tyre, now available in 14 inches size. There are two different sizes available. This tyre is an absolute stunning fit for models like Maruti Swift Dzire, Hyundai Elite i20, Maruti Wagon R, and Maruti Ertiga, to name a few.

JK Vectra:

Whether a basic city use or a highway drive, JK Vectra is great with its low noise and comfortable journey. Whether you are aiming for a wet grip or a dry one, and perfect handling, JK Vectra is the one to venture into. Some car models matching this tyre type are Maruti Celerio, Honda Jazz, Maruti Swift, Maruti Swift Dzire, Hyundai Elite i20, and more.

Apart from these models, you have JK Ranger H/T and JK Ultima Neo, from JKTyre Shop in Noida as well.

Choose Tyres House for JK Tyre

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